Sa Mount Marami - Maragondon, Cavite

   Have you heard about Silyang Bato? In Filipino it means "chair of stone". It's technically a rock sticking out on the edge of a cliff. Sitting on that rock feels like sitting on top of the world! This exceptional rock can be found at Mount Marami in Maragondon, Cavite.

   With an altitude exceeding 400 meters above sea level, Mount Marami is classified as a minor climb and has a difficulty level of 3/9 according to Pinoy Mountaineer. Looking at it from a distance, one would observe that this mountain is full of towering rock formations. That's the reason how it got its name; the word marami in Filipino means "many".

   I think its trail is somewhat similar to the trails going to Mount Romelo in Siniloan, Laguna. A tropical rainforest trail where it gets dusty during summer and muddy during the rainy season. The weather at that time is very unpredictable so to be sure, we geared up and prepared ourselves for both weather conditions.

Sa Buruwisan Multi Falls - Siniloan, Laguna

   Our Siniloan adventure didn't stop at the summit of Mount Romelo. In fact, it was only the beginning. Mang Jaime, our guide, pointed at the direction to where we are headed. From the summit, We have to go down and up again to another mountain range. Then beyond those mountains is where the camp site is situated. That camp site is the jump-off point or the main station going to the different waterfalls within the area. Buruwisan Multi Falls as they call it, the many waterfalls that can be found in the vast forest of Siniloan.

   The main attraction of this so called "Multi Falls" is the Buruwisan Falls. I've only seen it over the internet. Its huge mossy rock wall with an empty space underneath, vines which dances along with the falling water, green forest trees that shed the whole basin and an altitude of which I wouldn't dare to jump over with, this waterfalls made my jaw drop in front of my laptop.

   Based on the weather reports that day, The area is under storm signal number 1 so we expected a muddy trek. I also assumed that the falls would look thicker. My excitement was at its peak as we stride along the trail towards the camp site.

Sa Mount Romelo - Siniloan, Laguna

   Based on Pinoy Mountaineer, Mount Romelo has an elevation of less than 300 meters above sea level, with a difficulty level of 2/9 and is classified as a minor climb. It is one of the popular mountains to climb near Manila for beginners. But the main attraction that this place offers are the waterfalls that can be found around the forest of Siniloan.

   According to some write-ups that I've read over the internet, the trails are mostly muddy during rainy season and dusty during the sunny days. On the day of our trip, it was signal number 1 in the provinces of Quezon and Laguna according to the weather forecast. So we expected a wet and muddy climb and brought our raincoats and rain-covers for our luggage. But we did not anticipate a hot and sweaty trip from Manila.