Sa Sombrero Island - Tingloy, Batangas

   After spending the night at Masasa Beach in Tingloy, Batangas, We sailed away to this cute extraordinary island nearby. A very small island shaped like a hat, its pretty obvious how Sombrero Island got its name.

   A favorite side-trip spot of mountaineers trekking down from Mount Gulugod Baboy, Sombrero Island is also a popular "stop over" for scuba divers and other tourists from Anilao.

   As our boat sails smoothly through the very calm sea, we got nearer and nearer to the island. I'm really excited to step into it and explore the wonders of Sombrero Island.

Sa Masasa Beach - Tingloy, Batangas

   Its already the first week of June but for us, summer is not yet over! Busy work schedules really is a huge hurdle in planning a summer escapade for a large group of people. Having just 2-days off and limited financial resources, we decided to look for a beach near the city.

   A beach near Manila + a limited budget = Batangas. Its our simple formula on choosing where we could go. We've been to Nasugbu and Calatagan so we thought of looking somewhere else within the province. We considered a number of beaches like Anilao in Mabini and Laiya in San Juan, but then we found out about this beautiful paradise. A beach I never heard of before, the Masasa beach in Tingloy, Batangas.

Sa Bayukbok Cave - San Miguel, Bulacan

   After our fun climb at Mount Manalmon in San Miguel Bulacan, a very exciting spelunking awaits us at the Bayukbok Cave, just a few meters away from the Madlum river.

   I don't know much about the cave. At first, I thought that we were about to go to a historical cave in Biak na Bato where wide holes and large hideouts can be seen. Well, I was wrong. Bayukbok cave is a popular attraction in San Miguel so I expected an easy "walk in the park" caving adventure like what we did in Calinawan Cave in Tanay. But then again, I was wrong! I never thought that an extreme spelunking experience that will pump up our adrenalin awaits us.