Sa Bayukbok Cave - San Miguel, Bulacan

   After our fun climb at Mount Manalmon in San Miguel Bulacan, a very exciting spelunking awaits us at the Bayukbok Cave, just a few meters away from the Madlum river.

   I don't know much about the cave. At first, I thought that we were about to go to a historical cave in Biak na Bato where wide holes and large hideouts can be seen. Well, I was wrong. Bayukbok cave is a popular attraction in San Miguel so I expected an easy "walk in the park" caving adventure like what we did in Calinawan Cave in Tanay. But then again, I was wrong! I never thought that an extreme spelunking experience that will pump up our adrenalin awaits us.

Sa Mount Manalmon - San Miguel, Bulacan

   Mountain climbing for me is a good way to start a year. Well, maybe because of the cool and dry weather during this season. This time, my friends and I looked for a summit to reach which is near-Manila. So we considered going to the nearby mountains of Batangas. But then, one of us suggested a mountain located a few hours north of Metro Manila, the Mount Manalmon in Barangay Madlum, San Miguel Bulacan.

   Approximately 160 meters above sea level, one can easily say Mount Manalmon is just a hill. Based on our research, the trail going to the summit is very easy specially during dry season so we expect an easy yet exciting climb ahead.

Sa Hundred Islands - Alaminos, Pangasinan

   I could barely remember the last time I went to Pangasinan. I was still a kid back then and we went there to attend a wedding ceremony.

   As we plan on going to Pangasinan, the first thing that came up on my mind is the Hundred Islands.

   Hundred Islands is one of the popular tourist destination in the Philippines. The magnificent scenery of multiple little green slopes over the blue water will surely put you in awe.

   We surf the internet for more information and a place to stay, A two days - one night Island Hopping Package offered at Tropic Island Hotel and Restaurant caught my eye. And so we took the package, then the next day, we go all the way to Pangasinan.