Sa Mount Sipit Ulang - Rodriguez, Rizal

   Most of the mountains I've climbed so far has trails which only require easy walking on narrow paths and rugged terrain. In some, I've also experienced rock scrambling. But this particular mountain offers more than just an ordinary hike. Although one can reach its summit in two hours, Its trail gives a different kind of vibe. Mount Sipit Ulang as they call it, one of the many mountains located in Rodriguez, Rizal.

   Also known as the Crab Mountain, Sipit Ulang has a very distinct claw-like rock formation located on its top. Hiking on its trail is an easy 3/9 level of difficulty according to Pinoy Mountaineer. And with just an altitude of more than 200 meters above sea level, Its a perfect destination for first-time hikers craving for some rock scrambling adventure.

Sa Manila Ocean Park - City of Manila, Metro Manila

   I have been to Manila Ocean Park before. At that time, It was one of the newest attraction in Manila. Seeing different kinds of fish inside the Oceanarium amazed me. And the penguins inside the Trails to Antartica looks unbelievable. I also saw the talented sea lions perform and for the finale, the Symphony Evening showcased its amazing fountain show. All in all, I enjoyed the whole visit.

   Three years after, My family planned on going back to this aquatic themed park. We're all excited about the trip and wonder what changes have been made and what are the new attractions available.

Sa Mount Marami - Maragondon, Cavite

   Have you heard about Silyang Bato? In Filipino it means "chair of stone". It's technically a rock sticking out on the edge of a cliff. Sitting on that rock feels like sitting on top of the world! This exceptional rock can be found at Mount Marami in Maragondon, Cavite.

   With an altitude exceeding 400 meters above sea level, Mount Marami is classified as a minor climb and has a difficulty level of 3/9 according to Pinoy Mountaineer. Looking at it from a distance, one would observe that this mountain is full of towering rock formations. That's the reason how it got its name; the word marami in Filipino means "many".

   I think its trail is somewhat similar to the trails going to Mount Romelo in Siniloan, Laguna. A tropical rainforest trail where it gets dusty during summer and muddy during the rainy season. The weather at that time is very unpredictable so to be sure, we geared up and prepared ourselves for both weather conditions.