Sa Nonok Falls - Real, Quezon

   Our adventure in Real, Quezon is truly amazing. We had a great experience in Tignoan Beach and we also enjoyed our visit at the majestic Balagbag Falls. And since we have a lot of time left to spend, we decided to go to another exciting adventure spot. This time, it's in Nonok waterfalls.

   I've never heard of this place before and I've just seen some photos of it from the internet. It looks promising.  So we brought our towels and spare clothes along with our excitement and head on to these favorable falls.

Sa Balagbag Falls - Real, Quezon

   Having fun at Tignoan Beach isn't the only thing we planned to do in Real, Quezon. Aside from the surf-friendly beach, the river's cool fresh water and their delicious seafood, the town prides itself with its numerous scenic waterfalls. So we decided to check out and visit one.

   The most popular among all the waterfalls in Real is the Balagbag Falls. If someone ask a local tricycle driver to take them to a waterfalls, the driver will definitely take them to Balagbag Falls. It is also a popular destination of several motorcycle riders club in the Philippines. So from the campsite that we're in, we rode a tricycle and head on to this majestic waterfalls.

Sa Tignoan Beach - Real, Quezon

   Pure white sand, teal sea water, coconut trees along the shore, golden sunset view; one might say these are the qualities of a perfect tropical beach. But in a quiet town of Real in Quezon lies an extraordinary beach which is not defined by those qualities mentioned earlier.

   Golden brown sand full of rocks, huge waves and rip currents; Tignoan beach might be the opposite of what a perfect tropical beach is. But for surfing enthusiasts, whether the beginners or the experienced ones, this beach is one of the best practice grounds that they can go to.

Sa Sombrero Island - Tingloy, Batangas

   After spending the night at Masasa Beach in Tingloy, Batangas, We sailed away to this cute extraordinary island nearby. A very small island shaped like a hat, its pretty obvious how Sombrero Island got its name.

   A favorite side-trip spot of mountaineers trekking down from Mount Gulugod Baboy, Sombrero Island is also a popular "stop over" for scuba divers and other tourists from Anilao.

   As our boat sails smoothly through the very calm sea, we got nearer and nearer to the island. I'm really excited to step into it and explore the wonders of Sombrero Island.