Sa Mt. 387 at Aloha Falls - Carranglan, Nueva Ecija

   Nueva Ecija is known for its wide plains and rice fields. Little did I know that there were also mountains there just waiting to be discovered.

   In Mt. 387 aka Mt. Batong Amat, Eco-tourism bloomed just months ago. Hikers and outdoor enthusiasts are enticed by the photos of what they called the "Chocolate Hills of the North" that has spread over the internet. With beginner friendly trails, most visitors go on a day hike plus a side trip to Aloha Falls. Our group decided to go on an overnight camping!

Sa Burias Group of Islands - San Pascual, Masbate

   Local tourism is growing rapidly nowadays and I think social media is one of the major factors why it bloomed. DIY Tips and Tour organizers can now be easily found through the internet so researching for a summer destination is not a big problem anymore.

   Most of the beaches in Batangas and Zambales are now crowded, especially during weekends and holidays. So for our summer trip, we looked for a destination which is farther away from Manila.

   We saw these amazing photos of a group of islands in Masbate where the water is blue and the sand is white. And so the destination is now decided - Off we'll go to the Burias Group of Islands. We just can't wait to go there and see its beauty in our own eyes.

Sa Mt. Paliparan - Tanay, Rizal

   The mountains in the province of Rizal feature different kinds of scenic landscapes, fascinating rock formations and diverse flora. Particularly in Tanay, one may witness the "sea of clouds" and bath in numerous waterfalls that can be found along the trail. Thus, Tanay became a destination of hikers from different ages and experience level.

   Mt. Paliparan in barangay Cuyambay is a newly opened hiking destination in Tanay with an intriguing 1-5 trail class based on It is said to have been a battleground for kite flying events by the natives in the early years, hence the reason how it got its name. These information I found on the Internet got me more pumped up and excited to go.