Sa Mt. Paliparan - Tanay, Rizal

   The mountains in the province of Rizal feature different kinds of scenic landscapes, fascinating rock formations and diverse flora. Particularly in Tanay, one may witness the "sea of clouds" and bath in numerous waterfalls that can be found along the trail. Thus, Tanay became a destination of hikers from different ages and experience level.

   Mt. Paliparan in barangay Cuyambay is a newly opened hiking destination in Tanay with an intriguing 1-5 trail class based on It is said to have been a battleground for kite flying events by the natives in the early years, hence the reason how it got its name. These information I found on the Internet got me more pumped up and excited to go.

Sa Buktot Beach - Mansalay, Oriental Mindoro

   If one would think of a beach in Mindoro, Puerto Galera might be the first in mind. But aside from the famous white beaches of Puerto Galera, there are also a lot of fine beaches that can be found in Oriental Mindoro. One of them is in the town of Mansalay in the southern part of Mindoro, the beach named Buktot.

   While having a week-long vacation in Mindoro, we invited our relatives for a "beach outing" even just for a day. So we all head on to Buktot beach.

Sa Cuta Ruins - Bongabong, Oriental Mindoro

   When I was a kid, my family usually go to our hometown in Bongabong, Oriental Mindoro during summer. There I enjoyed the fresh air, scenic landscapes, enchanting rivers and the beautiful sea.

   One day, Bongabong was mentioned on a travel show on TV which featured an ancient shrine called Cuta Ruins. I was surprised that there exist an old shrine in my province. Neither my father didn't know any details about that place.

   This time, I had the chance to go to Bongabong so we planned on exploring Cuta Ruins.